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We offer solutions to unsolved problems.

We expand your goals and help you reach your potential.

Technology, trends and targeted content is how ECH engages organizations with their audiences. Through these solutions, we advance our clients and improve their outcomes.


healthcare solutions

Management. Recruitment. Outreach.

We initiate turnkey solutions that can be customized to address multi-faceted, strategic priorities and generate measurable benefits.

Our approach to engagement brings access to your targeted audience and facilitates productive communication and outreach.

  • Managed care plans
  • Health care organizations
  • Community organizations
  • Medical practices
  • Government agencies

Web portals & apps

Technology. Engagement.

We go beyond development of online, digital solutions and create full marketing platforms that engage targeted audiences with measurable results.

  • Website design & development
  • Mobile app development
  • Social media marketing
  • Blog development
  • SEO and analytics


Strategies. Results.

We identify capabilities and opportunities to develop a client's business through our strategic analysis.

We bring a fresh prospective and inject new ideas with our unique, actionable insights designed to bring exceptional results.

  • Marketing strategies
  • Corporate brand development
  • Sales strategies
  • Corporate training
  • Channel development